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Your Cadillac is much more than its good looks and luxurious nature. With Cadillac AWD, you can enjoy enhanced handling and performance in your vehicle. Take a look at our inventory and consider purchasing or leasing one of our Cadillac all-wheel-drive vehicles to upgrade your driving life. Not sure if AWD is right for you? Vehicles with AWD are equipped to handle harsh conditions, including snow and rain. If your vehicle is not driving on all the wheels at the same time, AWD will send power to wherever extra traction is needed, providing a safer and more controlled ride. If you are interested in buying a luxurious and elevated vehicle with the added control of all-wheel drive, the experts at Linus Cadillac will help you find the perfect Cadillac for you. Continue reading to learn more information about some of the different Cadillac all-wheel-drive vehicles available.

All Wheel Drive Cadillac CT5

Cadillac CT5

One of the Cadillac all-wheel-drive cars available is the Cadillac CT5. This luxurious sedan is available in a variety of colors and is equipped with a generous amount of rear legroom and intuitive interior technology. Choose to purchase or lease the Cadillac CT5 with all-wheel drive and enjoy a safer ride under harsh conditions, such as those Florida rainstorms.

All Wheel Drive Cadillac XT5

Cadillac XT5

The Cadillac XT5 is a top choice when it comes to Cadillac all-wheel-drive SUVs. This midsize crossover SUV is not only roomy, comfortable, and stylish. When equipped with AWD, the Cadillac XT5 provides extra safety for all passengers by giving the driver more control over the vehicle. Consider this Cadillac all-wheel-drive vehicle to elevate your ride.

Cadillac LYRIQ

This new Cadillac model is part of the all-new line of electric vehicles rolling out in the coming years. In addition to being fully electric, the upcoming Cadillac LYRIQ is a high-performance SUV designed to keep you moving forward. Enjoy added safety when you add Cadillac AWD to this impressive model. Drive confidently in this safe and efficient new Cadillac all-wheel-drive vehicle.

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Improve your driving life and enjoy extra safety in one of our incredible Cadillac all-wheel-drive vehicles. All-wheel drive is available on the following new Cadillac models: the Cadillac CT4, the Cadillac CT5, the Cadillac CT6, the Cadillac XT4, the Cadillac XT5, the Cadillac XT6, and the Cadillac Escalade, which actually is available in four-wheel drive for even greater off-road prowess. Allow your Cadillac to soar above just being a luxurious vehicle by outfitting it with all-wheel drive and giving it even more capabilities in harsh conditions. The all-wheel-drive Cadillac model of your dreams is waiting for you to take a test drive. Elevate your ride with a new Cadillac and enhance your safety with all-wheel drive. Contact Linus Cadillac to inquire about Cadillac all-wheel-drive vehicles and to begin your purchasing process.


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