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Cadillac CUE

Elevate Your Ride

Join the next generation of Cadillac users and utilize Cadillac CUE, the Cadillac User Experience. This unique Cadillac technology allows you to minimize distractions and personalize your driving experience. Driving a Cadillac is already luxurious and sophisticated, but the new generation of Cadillac CUE brings everything to the next level. With Cadillac CUE’s intelligent design, car and driver become one, utilizing innovative technology and voice commands to create the Cadillac User Experience. This remarkable technology is used to connect to your world, and you can discover your generation of Cadillac CUE by checking your owner’s manual. Take a deeper look into what Cadillac CUE can do for you, or contact Linus Cadillac today to learn more.


Cadillac CUE

Your Guide To Cadillac CUE

So, what exactly is Cadillac CUE? It is a host of unique features designed to optimize your driving while minimizing distractions. Let’s take a look at some of the key features available with Cadillac CUE.

Voice Commands

With Cadillac CUE, there are no more phone distractions or fumbling with your vehicle touchscreen to get what you want. With Cadillac voice recognition and dual microphones, your commands will be heard clearly, and you’ll be able to place phone calls, play music, and ask for directions as easily as if you were having a conversation.

Real-Time Traffic

Never get delayed on your way to your destination. Available Real-Time Traffic creates a smarter commute, allowing you to view traffic conditions in real-time and discover alternative routes that will get you to your destination as quickly as possible. Your Cadillac CUE can even re-route your trips while en-route, finding your fastest option to your destination.

Smartphone Integration

Cadillac CUE comes with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ integration so you can connect your smartphone to your vehicle. By doing so, you’ll be more connected than ever while you’re on the go. You can answer phone calls, have Cadillac dictate your text messages to you, and access your favorite apps.

Cadillac CUE

Tailored Settings

Not only can you manually set your personal settings, like your favorite radio stations, but Cadillac CUE learns your behavior for an optimal driving experience. It takes in information like preferred routes and frequented destinations, and you can even personalize the kind of driving alerts you receive.

Up-To-Date Tech

You may be wondering how to update your Cadillac CUE. With an available Cadillac 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot, your Cadillac CUE can easily stay updated with all the latest technology and available software. You can get notified when updates are available, and you can manually update your Cadillac CUE using your touchscreen infotainment system so you can update your vehicle on your schedule.

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Cadillac CUE is a great way to connect with your Cadillac and optimize every part of your driving experience. Contact Linus Cadillac today to learn more.